Clara C at Penn!

Woohoo! PennYo opened for Clara C today!

Well, semi-woohoo because I really didn’t do too well as bass for our particular song.

I usually beatbox for the song we did at today’s show, but I had to cover for ChenXi (the other bass) because he was taking an exam. I only just memorized my part today, and I pretty much screwed most of the first half up when we performed it.

I kept my off-pitch notes as quiet as possible though, so hopefully, nobody noticed.

Luckily, bass is pretty hard to pick out unless the person who’s doing it is either really good or really loud (both of which I am not).

As for Clara C herself, she’s actually a really fun performer to watch/listen to.

I’m personally indifferent to her status as a YouTube celebrity (Kina Grannis all the way!), but I have to say that she really surprised me with how good a live performer she is.

She also uses a loop station and an effect mike/pedal/something that make for some really cool sounding songs.

I ended up getting a picture with her towards the end, so that will be nice to show my friends back home who are obsessed with her. Too bad it’s on one of my friend’s cameras right now. :(

Other than that, today was a pretty tiring day. I found out that there was a lot of other stuff due in Biology lab today besides the lab report, so I spent pretty much all of my 5 hour break frantically trying to start/finish it all while trying to memorize my bass part.

Gotta prepare for Week 2 of BE lab hell and start studying for my Legal Studies midterm on Thursday.


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